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We help make the world a better place.

Project 828 is a dream that began in the heart of The Woodlands Interior Designer, Karen Boyd, in early in 2012. Desperately wanting to make a difference in the world around her, she was continuously looking for ways to do so. Through life experiences, Karen became grounded with the belief that good and light can be brought into all hard and painful situations.

Project 828 is a non-profit organization that acts as a hub to bring good out of situations that are oppressive, adverse and broken by creating aid and helping enhance the quality of life of at risk children, orphans and disadvantaged families.

Since its inception, Project 828 has developed a program that calls out the young and old alike to become leaders within their communities by empowering them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Have a look around at our initiatives to see if there is a place that you can plug in and give back or donate to directly impact the lives of countless people.

Board of Directors
Karen Boyd
Sheri & Dave Henderson
Juan Martinez
Staci Everest
Denny Giles
Frank Robinson
Quimby Franovich

Karen’s desire to change the world directly impacted her now teenage son, Hudson Boyd. On a trip to Africa in 2013 when Hudson was only 10 years old, he had an experience that would change the course of his life forever. Upon seeing hundreds, even thousands of children on the streets of Zambia and South Africa, he was convinced that he had to do something to help them.

Play with Purpose was born. Play with Purpose is a program that has a two-fold objective; It develops selfless attitudes within young athletes, that call them to sacrifice, and to think past the moment at hand, while also using their gifts and devotion to make a difference by helping raise money for orphans and at-risk children locally and world-wide.


Restoration Initiative

The Restoration Initiative is a program that is designed to seek out those in need and bless them by providing home furnishings and decorative finishes resulting in filling homes and hearts with hope. Being in the design business, Karen would have clients replacing refrigerators that were still in perfect condition, and instead of paying people to come and haul them off to be discarded, she thought “What if my clients donated this, and then we could give it to families in need?!” Restoration Initiative allows people who have been victims of natural disasters, fire or simply know of a deserving family, to apply to receive furnishings free of charge, whether it is an entire home or just a room.

Mod 29


  MOD 29 is a movement aimed at educating and encouraging young girls and women to embrace their worth and see themselves through God’s eyes, and not as the world does. We will do this by creating a new culture. This means we will share of struggles and triumphs, what books we are reading, fashion advice, bible studies and blogs we love. While the world promotes body perfection, MOD29 strives to promote inner beauty and style in a healthy and positive way. Our aim is to help females all over the world to be compelled to make a difference in the way the world sees us through empowerment in the way we dress and live.   /   (832) 823-3398  /   594 Sawdust Rd. #348 Spring, Tx 77380