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The Gift of Giving

Christmas can be hectic with a capital H! Parties to attend, gifts to buy, and activities to make the days meaningful and significant. Sometimes it is difficult to even think straight during this very special and holy time. But, nothing reminds us more of the real reason for the season than giving to someone who has nothing in return to give back. The Tree House for Girls affords us that lesson. This is Project 828's second time that we have been able to go into the home and create spaces that are uplifting and impactful for the 20 girls that live there.

This year we chose to give the home a new living space where the girls can hang out, read, play games and have group meetings. A couple of comfy sofas with colorful pillows and an oversized ottoman invites the girls to enjoy the space. The nice bookcase is a way to store all of the treasured novels and games that make their way through from young girl to the next.

It was such a treat when the girls returned from school and squealed with excitement over their new room. As we look into their eyes, we can see the real meaning of the season is shown in taking what you have (no matter how small) and showing love to those in need.

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