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Light emerges after hard times

It seems so far away, the days that the waters rose from Hurricane Harvey! Some of us experienced the tragedy first hand while others of us watched our friends and families lives turn upside down. For Project 828 and the families that we helped it will always be ingrained into our minds and hearts.

The story of the Erickson family began long before the waters of Harvey. At a very young age, they were taking children in, caring for them and loving them. The day they laid eyes on her daughter, they fell in love with her and adopted her as soon as the system allowed. The couple has been married over 20 years and have sacrificed living selflessly. They are hardworking Americans that have always been on the side of giving instead of receiving. Their family consists of their adopted daughter and three small boys! The families’ home had never flooded so the couple was not expecting what was to come. As the waters arose quickly, the family realized that rescue teams could not reach them! The father blew up a raft and loaded his 4 children, wife and two dogs onto it and swam toward higher ground. All their memories disappeared into the darkness as they left their home with one backpack and a few items of clothing. The water was over waist high and the land consisted of a fence nearby. The darkness made it impossible to see where they were going and the current was strong! His fear was colliding with the fence and puncturing the raft until a transformer blew nearby and he immediately jumped into the raft! Clearly they were being looked after. As they reached safety, their journey had just began. As we got to know the Erickson’s, they shared more of the personal plight they endured. They told us of the 69 Days in a camper and how as their children wore on each other’s nerves, they kept emphasizing to look at this as a new beginning because they had one another and they would walk into a home again! It has been over a year since they returned to their new home. Melissa tells us the kids love the neighborhood and their rooms. The family is closer and enjoying each day and see how Roman’s 8:28 came to life! We have new kept in contact with the Erickson’s and consider them friends. It was such a pleasure to treat the children recently to a local Rocket’s game. Together we rise by lifting others. #BringingLightAndHopeToDarkPlaces #Project828 #HurricaneHarvey #harveyrelief

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